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    Always need reconnet if previous sql exeuction is failed (?)

      Hi there,
      I am using the sql developer, which is Version 3.1.07.

      What I have found is:
      1. If my sql excution was failed for any error, such as I was using the wrong table name, non-exist column name, etc, I always get such message, "IO Error: Size Data Unit (SDU) mismatch", which is very clueless to the user.

      2. And my next sql execution will always be blocked for "Closed Connection".

      Are these the new features for this tool ? It used to be more user friendly when such human error happens.


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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi John,

          I haven't heard of that behavior before, particularly with respect to simple user error. In terms of the SDU mismatch, the following link (and the link it references) discussion the possibility the JDBC driver may be at fault:
          SQL Developer 3.2 - Connection reset

          Unfortunately the original poster on that thread never said whether the information was helpful. If it doesn't help you -- since upgrading to started the problem -- you may wish to either:
          1. Revert to the earlier SQL Developer release, if it remains as trouble-free as before, or
          2. Upgrade to the newest 3.2 release.

          SQL Developer Team