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      i'm working on Windows2003-Server and installed oracle full client to connect to an Oracle-DB 11g on Unix.
      I can connect using SQL-Plus but not with Oracle Ole DB. The programs i use, are C#-Programs with NET-Version 2.0.

      The connection string i use in the program is "Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;Persist Security Info=False;Password=xxx;User ID=XXX; DataSource=vgdb;Extended Properties=".
      I tried several connection strings, but i always get the error ORA-12560.
      This connection-string works already on other machine. But here its a fully installation of oracle database 10g on windows and i can also connect from here to Oracle-DB 11g on Unix.

      Configuration of sqlnet.ora:


      ADR_BASE = O:\app\admin\product\11.2.0\client_1\log

      Entry in tnsnames.ora:
      vgdb =
      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1523))
      (SID = svgdb)
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          check if db listener is running

          go to services and look for a service OracleOraListener and start it.
          go to command prompt and run lsnrctl, then enter 'start' to start the listener

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            i checked the client and the server.

            On the client there is a service OracleOraClient11gHomeTNSListener which is started. I restarted it and it didn't help.
            lsnrctl start says already started. lsnrctl status says listener is started.

            On the server lsnrctl status says listener is started.

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              you can try this from command line

              tnsping vgdb is ok?

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                tnsping is also OK.
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                  please check all the oracle configuration variables are set like ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE and all...

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                    Hello dataseven,

                    i can find the ORACLE_HOME in the registry under LocalMachine/Software/Oracle/KeyOracleClient_home.. .
                    It's set to O:\app\admin\product\11.2.0\client_1. O is a local drive, no network drive.

                    ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_PATH are not set.

                    In the environment variables O:\app\admin\product\11.2.0\client_1\bin is added to path.

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                      I also installed the ODAC 10g Tools. TNS_PING works, but i get still the error.

                      But i received a log:

                      Fatal NI connect error 12560, connecting to:

                      VERSION INFORMATION:
                           TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
                           Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
                      Time: 09-OKT-2012 13:47:38
                      Tracing not turned on.
                      Tns error struct:
                      ns main err code: 12560
                      TNS-12560: TNS: Protokolladapterfehler
                      ns secondary err code: 0
                      nt main err code: 530
                      TNS-00530: Protokolladapter-Fehler
                      nt secondary err code: 126
                      nt OS err code: 0

                      USER=taf9vn is my windows user name. It should use my connection string. Something is completely wrong.
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                        ORA-12560 : TNS: protocol adapter error

                        Is collective error that results from different problems in connection with connected log that is used.

                        The error connection issued are:
                        ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
                        ORA-12203: TNS: unable to connect to destination
                        ORA-12547: TNS: lost contact
                        ORA-12540: TNS: internal limit restriction exceeded
                        ORA-12541: TNS: no listener
                        ORA-12535: TNS: operation timed out
                        ORA-12500: TNS: listener failed to start a dedicated server process

                        1.     Starting client tools (svrmgrl, sqlplus, sapdba, and so on) using a terminal server
                        2.     Service OraclesService<SID> does not run
                        3.     Incorrect or missing entry for ORACLE_SID in environment or Registry
                        4.     Characters that are not alphanumeric in the system ID <SID>
                        5.     Missing Directory Authorization
                        6.     Error when creating the Database at new Installation
                        7.     Resource Problems
                        8.     ORACLE Software incorrectly
                        9.     Reboot Required
                        10.     Incorrect ORACLE version installed

                        Solution (Step by Step)
                        1.     Set Environment variable
                        -     Start  My Computer  Properties  Advanced  Environment Variables
                        -     Fill LOCAL = <SID>
                        2.     Start ORACLE Services (OracleService<SID>) if not Started
                        -     If the Services does not exist, create with “ORADIM(XX) –new –SID <SID>”
                        3.     Check Registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
                        -     Go to SOFTWARE  ORACLE
                        -     Set “ORACLE_SID = <Oracle SID>”
                        4.     Activate ORACLE trace
                        -     GO to $ORACLE_HOME/otrace/admin
                        -     Copy *.dat  *.dat.OLD
                        -     Delete the original *.dat files
                        5.     Listener.ora and tnsname.ora must be set to the same HOST and PORT
                        -     HOST = Server Name /IP Address
                        -     PORT = Default by Installer
                        -     For Listener.ora, set ORACLE_HOME = <oracle home directory>

                        6.     Add statement “QUEUESIZE = 30” in Listener.ora
                        -     Location G:\oracle\P88\920\network\admin
                        7.     Change or Add some Parameter on INIT<SID>.ora
                        -     Change SESSION = 110  200
                        -     Change PROCESSES = 300  150
                        -     Add TRANSACTIONS =250
                        -     Add ENQUEUE_RESOURCES = 450
                        -     Add DML_LOCKS = 1000
                        -     Add USE_INDIRECT_DATA_BUFFERS = TRUE
                        -     Add SORT_AREA_RETAINED_SIZE = 0
                        8.     Re-Start Server

                        The following Instruction

                        (No Needed, If all ORACLE setting was corrected)

                        set ORACLE_SID=<sid>
                        oradimxx -delete -sid <old-sid>
                        oradimxx -new -sid <SID> -intpwd <internal-password> AUTO -pfile <full-init-ora-filename>

                        *** IMPORTANT***
                        In This case, Please do the Step 1. It might only the LOCAL SID was Missing
                        If not Solved, do the next Steps.

                        Saliro Utomo
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                          thanks for your instructions.

                          But i have one problem.
                          i don't find the ORADIM.exe. I can just find it on other PC where the database is installed.

                          Can i use the ORACLE_SID? I'm on the client.