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    os provisioning without running dhcp

      Hi, new to opscenter. Running 12c (going to patch it shortly) on solaris 10x86. Wanting to do some bare metal provisioning and then ldoms/zones installs.

      Does anyone know if OS provisioning can be done without running the dhcp server on the enterprise controller? We already have dhcp running in out datacentre so could provide details to this. What we cant do is run another dhcp instance (ie the opscentre one)


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          Jocelynb -Oracle
          depending on whether your target system are sparc or not, you can use WANBOOT instead of dhcp .
          See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27363_01/doc.121/e27511/os_management.htm#CHDBBJID

          If you prefer to use DHCP, you are not obliged to use the one on EC or PC but you may use an external DHCP server .
          See 'configuring external DHCP server' at