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    JDeveloper BI presentation services connection hangs

      I have created a BI Presentation Services connection from Jdeveloper, set it up with https, pointing to the BI server equipped with a CA-signed SSL certificate. Have "static resources mode" set to "auto", "perform impersonation" set to "false". My problem is, the connection seems to be flaky. I see two things happening:
      (1) "test connection" says "connecting..." forever. I have to hit Cancel. I get this on the second or third attempt after getting a "connected successfully" response. Once I get this, it never goes away until I restart the BI server.
      (2) After a successful connection test, I am able to browse the BI folders upto the 2nd level. But then I get the "Loading" folder; and thereafter it doesn't go away until I restart the BI server.

      Please help, point out what I could be doing wrong,