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How to implement a growing table in documaker?

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i want to implement a growing table,with a header.The table should
grow as the pages increases,also the rows of the table
should read from the extract and 1st record should come in first
row,second in 2nd row...likewise
and the header for the table i want to repeat in every page..How to
implement this?
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    Create one fap as the header and mark it "Copy on overflow", create another one for the rows. Have the Manual trigger (Counter) set and at the field level use an overflow variable to get each successive record. Also increment the overflow variable on the section at the form level. Dont forget to reset the overflow after, if you will be using it somewhere else.

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    For the table header, create an image with the section level rule 'SetGroupOptions; (Header or Footer), CopyOnOverFlow;;' -This will copy the overflow section if overflow occurs.
    For the rows under the header, create an image with a variable and add the Feild level rule 'BldGrpList; MultiOccur(parameters)' in the variable & Section level rules 'GroupBegin;List()' and GroupEnd. Here MultiOccur sub parameter is to retrieve data from multiple extract records.


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