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    CSS for Image-view and resource image

      I have a resource image in a "resources jar" (a jar just with images), inside the resources jar i have a /com/mycompany/resources/MYIMAGE.png...
      i have a Image view that has been linked to a CSS file with something like:

      -fx-image: url("@/com/mycompany/resources/MYIMAGE.png");
      -fx-image: url("@/com/mycompany/resources/MYIMAGE2.png");

      this doesn't work, neither with the image view (at least the image view seems to be responding but the image is not shown) or a Button (the button doesn't put the image neither iwth -fx-image, -sf-background-image or -fx-border.image)

      the idea is to let designers to create CSS files and developers worry about the code, so i don't like the idea to change the images sith code (that's why i am trying to use the CSS)...
      Any help will be helpfull...
      thanks in advance.
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          @ seems to be not supported in CSS url address. That's why your images are not loaded.

          The URL path could be absolute or relative to the CSS file location.



          should give:


          Like in web development, it a good thing to put together css stylesheets and associated graphics, to let the UI developers the ability to design skin whith their own graphics...
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            That did it!!!!
            i put the CSS file in the same jar than the images (and that made sense since the "resources jar" is supposed to be done for designers) and then i just used a relative path considering the CSS path... and it worked, at least for the image.
            Thanks a lot.