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    .class files in eclipse


      I am developing a web application in eclipse.After development i need to deploy the changed .class files to the server..
      but i am not getting the .class files in my eclipse are are only .java file present in my application.
      Can any tell me how to get the .class file for the modified .java file.

      Thanks in Advance
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          Use a build script to compile the java class and deploy to server.
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            Maybe this is just an issue with the view? The build folder in "Project Explorer" does not display the class files by default. However, it can be customized to display the .class files. Follow these steps...

            The "Navigator" view (open it using "Window" -> "Show View" menu option) also displays the .class files in your project.

            If you're using OEPE and deploying to a WebLogic Server, this tutorial will offer additional information about deployment and the FastSwap configuration "to reload altered classes without disturbing running applications."
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