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    Managed ODP.NET and deployment without sqlplus


      I'd like to migrate an ODP.NET application to the Managed ODP.NET provider - minimize the client dependencies and all. However the application currently deploys with a user friendly installer tool that runs sqlplus.exe in the background to install the package sources and run other DDL scripts. If the users don't have the standard oracle client software anymore, what alternatives exist for doing this, purely in C# (as this seems the only option). I dont't think I can send whole files through OracleCommand, so I guess I should parse *.sql scripts and feed them in chunks through an OracleCommand in the installer tool, but this seems slow and error prone.

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          gdarling - oracle
          Hi Georgi,

          SQLPlus runs scripts, and the functionality to run scripts is in SQLPlus itself to the best of my knowledge -- ie, its not client functionality that sqlplus exposes, it's sqlplus itself. There's nothing built in to ODP to run scripts.

          If you search this forum I remember a while back (a year maybe? maybe 2) someone posting a solution they came up with to parse sql scripts and execute the statements one-by-one, but as you've indicated there may be issues with that.

          This seems like a good suggestion for a feature addition, given that sqlplus won't be available with the managed provider. You can post enhancement requests at http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=18357:46