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    Enabling Cross Domain Security in Weblogic 8.1

      Hi All,

      I posted this thread at another place but this seems to be the correct page.Sorry for that.
      I need to establish a cross domain security between two weblogic server domains.
      One is weblogic 10.3 and the other is 8.1

      Following the steps mentioned in the oracle site I am easily able to configure it for the 10.3 version but am not able to find anything related in the admin console of 8.1

      My basic requirement is to call few ejb's on the 10 side from the 8 side.
      So can someone please tell me how to set CDS on the 8 domain.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi All,

          After a bit more digging into this matter, i Found a line which goes like this :

          Configure the 10.x or 9.2 MP2 and higher MP domain for Cross Domain Security and include the 8.1 domain in the exception list

          i found this at this link :


          What I assume from it is there is no need to do any 8.1 related configuration in its console.
          I just need to add the 8.1 domain in the exception list.

          I again tried searching for any such lists in security realms of WL10 admin console but to no avail.

          I will still keep on looking but if someone has some idea please let me know.