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    Find Insert/Update Statements for a specific PeopleSoft application table

      Hi All,

      I thought of raising this question this forum instead of the DB forum as I would like to identify all Insert/Update statements for a particular PeopleSoft application table.
      We are facing this peculiar issue in production and Oracle GSC is unable to replicate and hence provide very little assistance.

      The table that is in question is PS_PAY_MISC_DST for which I need to find out all the Inserts/Updates that were made on this table to be able to isolate the problem. SYSDBA access rights are available with me.

      I say the problem is peculiar because we cannot replicate it in any of SDLC environments and neither can Oracle GSC replicate it in Demo. But the issue still persists and happens every month end.

      Any guidance is appreciated.

      Thank You for your time!.