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    Siebel 8.2 installation doubts on Solaris 11

      We are setting up a new Siebel environment on 64bit Solaris 11 having these 3 applications in mind:
      Siebel Public Sector ,*eService* and Events management application along with CTI (Cisco).

      Exact Siebel version is still under consideration. But since the OS is Solaris 11, Siebel will be either (for 8.1.x)or 8.2.x) which can be confirmed from SRSP documents.

      Please read the below questions and see if you can help us out with your thoughts:

      1) If we go for, the Web server (iPlanet) requirements, say the below in SRSP8.1 document.

      Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0
      (SPARC-based), SP4 or above Oracle Solaris 10 GA release with SP6 or above

      So does it mean that iPlanet will support Solaris 11 also or only higher version in Solaris 10.x? Had trouble in our earlier project with same language for JRE version hence the doubt.

      2) If we go for, I would be downloading the below pack from edelivery(correct me if I am wrong),

      Siebel Business Applications for Public Sector Media Pack for Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)

      but would it contain Events management also? I did not find it in the Read me section.

      Would be helpful if you can clarify these doubts.

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          I haven't worked with 8.2 yet, so these are assumptions.
          I think in 8.1 Events Management is a sub module. It could be that they changed this in 8.2.

          I would download 8.2 with the sample DB and see if Events are available.
          But in the end your TAM or Sales person from Oracle should be able to tell you this too.
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            1. iPlanet statement is only valid for iPlanet version 7.0 service packs on Solaris 10, it is not valid for Solaris 11. I wasn't able to find any information about iPlanet 7.0 on Solaris 11 as certified platform for Siebel Web Server Extension version 8.1.1.x. You need to request a formal confirmation from Oracle Support regarding this certification as it is not documented.

            2. I have checked a Public Sector 8.2.2 installation and it includes Siebel Marketing, wich has eEvents object manager. So the media pack you mentioned has Event Management:


            Thank you,