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    Using Integration Broker to send out data about new Employee


      I'm totally new with PS and currently in a project where I need to integrate any new employee entered into PS to a 3rd party system that uses BizTalk in between. From reading a few articles online, looks like I can use Integration Broker to communicate to BizTalk. I've seen some articles on setting up IB but I'm completely clueless is to how you would configured IB such that it will be "triggered" to retrieve certain employee fields from PS when that data gets saved into PS on a user click. I don't know if its already a "built-in" function in PS, or I need to code something like PeopleCode to do the "triggering".

      Any newb step-by-step help would be appreciated. If IB is not the way to go-- maybe something totally different-- I would appreciate any suggestions too. Also I'll be integrating various things from PS to this 3rd party system as well-- looking at vendors and chart of account data too-- so take this into consideration.