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    Problem with images directory in standlone mode

    Alfonso Vicente
      Hi forum, I have Apex 4.1 and trying to migrate the listener from Apache mod_plsql to Apex Listener 4.1.1 standalone

      In the database, the flow_image_prefix column in the apex_040100.wwv_flows table has the value '/k/', and in the dads.conf the Alias /k/ points to "/soft/oracle/product/xxxxxxxx/Apache/Apache/images41/". I start the listener with -Dapex.images=/soft/oracle/oracle/product/xxxxxxxx/Apache/Apache/images41/, and the listener starts. The listenerConfigure, listenerStatus and listenerAdmin URLs works fine

      When I try to go to the Login page (.../apex/f?p=4550) it shows a blank page. In the source code, I see references to '/k/', so I've decided to execute the following statements:
      update apex_040100.wwv_flows set flow_image_prefix = '/soft/oracle/oracle/product/xxxxxxxx/Apache/Apache/images41/';
      Now, the source code shows hrefs to files that exists and the user oracle has privileges to read, but the Login page (.../apex/f?p=4550) still shows a blank page

      Any advice ?

      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Alfonso,
          update apex_040100.wwv_flows set flow_image_prefix = '/soft/oracle/oracle/product/xxxxxxxx/Apache/Apache/images41/';
          First of all, I'd recommend to use the functions provided by your APEX installation package to change the image prefix, i. e. run the script reset_image_prefix.sql in the utilities directory of the installation package. This is documented very vell, e. g. in the [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21611_01/doc.11/e21058/trouble.htm]APEX Listener Installation Guide.

          Anyway, APEX Listener in Standalone Mode only supports +/i/+ as images prefix (which is the default images prefix, by the way). If you want or need a different context, you need to deploy APEX Listener onto a regular JEE container.
          So, to fix this in Standlone mode, use reset_images_prefix.sql to set your images prefix to +/i/+ and you are done.
          Note that you still need to configure the file system path APEX Listener is supposed to use to serve this virtual context. It seems this is +/soft/oracle/oracle/product/xxxxxxxx/Apache/Apache/images41/+ in your case.