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    Any details on new Sybase to Oracle migration tools announced in August?

      I'm currently researching approaches for migrating an application from using Sybase to using Oracle. I came across an announcement that suggests that Oracle is coming out with new tools that go above and beyond the DDL, stored procedure and data migration offered in Oracle SQL Developer. Does anyone know if any additional information is available on what these tools actually do and when they will be available? I have included the description from an informational session at the August OpenWorld conference at the end of this post.

      For the application that I am trying to migrate, the biggest challenge are a group of UNIX programs written in C and C++ that use the Sybase Open Client library to talk to a Sybase database.

      OpenWorld Session Description from August, 2012:

      "Migrating non-Oracle databases to Oracle Database has been a fairly straightforward process with Oracle SQL Developer, but what about all the existing application code that must be rewritten for an Oracle environment. In this session, learn how new exciting technology from Oracle will enable you to simply point your Sybase application to your migrated Oracle Database instance and run without rewriting your application source. Oracle tools also can parse and report the Sybase T-SQL requiring translation. Allow Oracle translators to rewrite the code for you as you test and patch the application as needed before deploying to production on Oracle Exadata."
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          if you are interested you can have a look at the complete OOW presentation:


          The new features requires Oracle 12c and SQL Developer 3.2. From http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/sqldev-newfeatures32-1731840.html :

          +12c Database Support+

          This release supports 12c Database features. Customers part of the 12c Database Beta program can test the latest 12c features.

          I hope this helps.

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