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    Timesten error 5220

      I am new to timesten.I am trying to create a cache grid in timesten,but I am stuck at setting "cache administration user name and password in the TimesTen database".
      The error which I am encountering is
      Command> call ttCacheUidPwdSet('timestencacheuser',oracle);
      5220: Permanent Oracle connection failure error in OCIServerAttach(): ORA-12154
      : TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified rc = -1
      5935: Could not validate Oracle login: uid = TIMESTENCACHEUSER, pwd = HIDDEN, O
      racleNetServiceName = oracledb, TNS_ADMIN = "C:\app\csarma\product\11.2.0\dbhome
      _1\network\admin\;C:\TimesTen\tt1122_64\network\admin\samples", ORACLE_HOME= ""
      The command failed.

      I am not able to resolve this.Please help.
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          First thing to check is that TIMESTENCACHEUSER/HIDDEN@oracledb can connect to the Oracle database using sqlplus.

          Secondly, TNS_ADMIN should point to the directory where you have a tnsnames.ora file that defines the service name that TimesTen will use to connect to Oracle which in this case appears to be 'oracledb'. Plus you cannot have multiple directories referred to in TNS_ADMIN, only one.

          Thirdly, check TNS_ADMIN is correctly present in the file <tt_install_dir>/info/ttendaemon.options. If not use ttModInstall -tns_admin path to change it.

          Let us know if this helps.