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    Instance was in mount state after crs start.

      When I started the crs, the instance was in mount state. I need to opened it using 'alter database open' statement. I am trying to understand where it is configured like that.

      If any one knows about it. Please help me

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          Sebastian Solbach -Dba Community-Oracle

          can you paste the output of

          srvctl config database

          of the corresponding database please? Maybe it was set in crs to only start in mount state.
          If that is so, you may change that with srvctl modify database.

          BTW: It would help to post some more information. E.g. Version used, etc.

          However it could also be that the database goes only into mount mode, because there is an error opening it from clusterware side. Had an issue where the DB was using a wallet stored in ACFS, and could not automatically start, because ACFS was not mounted.
          Have you checked the alert.log of the database for errors?

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            Valentin Minzatu
            Please check the -o option of the srvctl command:
            srvctl ... -o start_options
            start_options could be OPEN, MOUNT, NOMOUNT - for full syntax check RAC admin & deployment guide

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