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    ibm lotus sametime requires java when running online meetings.

      Hi all,

      We use windows as a client OS, windows as Server OS and AD as directory and all together with Lotus Domino as Collaboration Software including
      SameTime for webconference.

      This has always worked for us but recently, last couple of months we have encountered a problem when trying to login into a SameTime meeting.

      When doing this we get, or several users get:

      *"ibm lotus sametime requires java when running online meetings. if java is not installed, click here to install it, and follow the instructions on the screen."*

      It seems to work with Chrome and sometimes with Firefox but not in internet explorer, which for some reason a lot of our users prefer.

      We've tried the most common solutions as verifying that Java is enabled, up to date, reinstall java, delete cookies and so on but still no luck with these users.

      I've had some ideas that something on pc is locked and java don't know if it should use ntlm2 when logging in or not but I'm not able to locate the actual issue here.

      Anyone has any ideas?