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    Email destination mapping

      I've configured an 'EMAIL' batch to use an SMTP server to email generated docs to recipients. However, I'm confused as to where I can find the 'DocumentRequest' element being used for the email address?
      Clearly, there must be a mapping somewhere!?


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          Bryan Burr-Oracle
          Hi Steve,
          Are you using Enterprise Edition? What version? If you are using enterprise edition you can look in the Enterprise Administration Guide (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17552_01/documaker_enterprise_ag.pdf)
          It has this to say about using email on page 14
          "Enterprise Edition lets you distribute document sets by email for a named user
          with specific contact information. The distribution process for email relies upon
          the presence of an email address in the ADR_EMAIL column of the RCPS table.
          This column is populated by addressee logic that applies address-specific
          information to an instance of a recipient identified in the MRL. If you want to
          use this functionality, apply an address map to a specific recipient within the
          MRL by updating the recipient within the Business Definition (BDF) file. You
          access the BDF file using Documaker Studio. For more information, see the
          Documaker Studio User Guide."
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            Mr Peabody-Oracle
            As the last reply suggest, the answer depends upon "what" is trying to generate the email and what documentation you are looking at. Factory has one requirement while regular GenPrint or Workstation Entry (PPS) have different options.