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    proftpd and filezilla not usable on Solaris 11 in passive mode

    Andrew Watkins
      Having problems with proftpd on Solaris 11 and wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

      The clients are Windows & filezilla!

      I have not changed any settings and just started svc:/network/ftp:default and I have noticed I am getting a lot of timeouts on file transfers. Getting this a lot on NFS (ZFS with ACLs) file systems and even on local file systems (less often, but fails when transfer many files).

      What makes it worst is that the file starts to be written to disk but with size 0 and after the timeout filezilla starts again and a popup appears saying file exists??

      I am getting over it by switching off "passive mode" in /etc/proftpd.conf and then it works fine!

      # Disable Extended Passive mode
      <Limit EPSV PASV>

      And before any ones asks no firewalls on network or client!

      Any pointers?