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    Estimation for database sizing

    Krishna Nazare

      I am looking for ways to arrive at estimate/calculate database size for our application. These are the details in brief.
      All the tables are created under a user. The user is associated to a single tablespace.

      Two kinds of data are stored. Config data and run time data.
      Config data is stored in variants of varchar and clob. Run time data is stored in columns of datatype number(10).
      Run time data is retained for specific period and then it is purged. Based on the deployment, the number of run time data points vary.

      I am looking for something like this. Based on the number of data points collected, i want to arrive at the sizing requirements like require so much free space on the disk.

      Can someone tell me where all the storage is taken up and how much. Some thing like
      How much space is taken up by Number(10). How much additional storage is taken up by an index on a table, a primary key.
      Does addtional storage need to be added for each table, view.
      Which objects that are created and how much storage is allocated for it physically.

      Please let me know.