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    Connection Pools fill up for NPD

      In 6.0 we used to have an issue were our Connection Pool fills up occasionally. Looks like its happening again in 6.1.

      ErrorType: Primary| ErrorCount: 3| App: NPD| SessionId: 7163a4b4-35bb-8916-63d7-db9b54d5b827| UserId: stewartmo| IsNewSession: False| ServerID:| Misc: |
      Exception: System.Web.HttpException: Error executing child request for /npd/Activity/ActivityEditorPopup.aspx. ---> System.Web.HttpUnhandledException: Exception of type 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException' was thrown. ---> Xeno.Data.ConnectionPoolEmptyException: No more connections can be created. They are all being used.

      We can check it using : http://pdm2.tyson.com/npd/WebCommon/AdminForms/ConnectionPoolInfo.aspx

      The fix is to reset IIS.

      Our config is:
           <ProdikaDB configChildKey="key">
           <config key="MAX" value="100" configOverrideModifier="IsLocked"/>
           <config key="CONNECT_STRING" value="@@VAR:Prodika.DB.URL@@" configAttributeOverrideBehavior="Replace" configOverrideModifier="IsLocked"/>
           <ReportDB copyOf="ConnectionPools/ProdikaDB">
           <config key="CONNECT_STRING" value="@@VAR:Prodika.ReportingDB.URL@@" />

      Do we need to set MAX" value="100" higher?

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