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    DRM Property using AscNode

      We are using DRM version

      I have 2 hierarchies (A & B) in a version. I want to create a property in Hierarchy A that will allow a lookup in Hierarchy B to select a limb. I've created the property using the AscNode Data Type.

      My question - is there any way to force hierarchy B to display in the Hierarchy drop down once the user goes in to select the limb for the property(Have hierarchy B display in the Hierarchy box instead of a blank box and the user has to select the hierarchy)? Currently the user has to select the hierarchy (choose from A or B), then either search for the limb using the find function, or manually expand the hierarchy to find the limb.

      Or is there a better way of selecting a limb from one hierarchy to be saved as a property value in another hierarchy?

      I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for the end user. With 2 hierarchies in a version it's too bad, but we will end up with about 10 hierarchies in a version, and would like to simplify the selection process as much as possible.

      Thanks for your help in advance!!

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          No, the user has to navigate to the hierarchy and node themselves within the editor. Given the search and navigation limitations within the editor, when the customer has large, complex hierarchies editing these properties can be cumbersome.
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            I know exactly what you're going through and it has been some sort of annoyance for myself. What you can do for this is in the AscNode property, set the default value to <hiername>~. For example, Accounts~. What the "~" does in this type of property is point directly to the hierarchy since in DRM the "~" is used to separate Version~Hierarchy~Node. What it will do is send you directly to that hierarchy and all you have to do is look for the member in the hierarchy you specify in the default value. This is good when you will use the same hierarchy always as your target. If you will have different hierarchies, this will be an issue.
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              I'm probably doing something wrong. In the AscNode property, in the Default Value field I've put the value A with the less than/greater than signs on either side of the A, and saved the property.

              In the version, I have Hierarchy A and Hierarchy B. Whille in Hierarchy B I go to the AscNode property. It displays A with the greater than/less than signs on either side. I then click on the ... The Select Node window that opens defaults B in the Hierarchy selection box. I need A to be in the selection box. I can click the dropdown and A is there for me to select.

              Thanks for your help!!
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                If I understood your post correctly, Your default value looks like this: ~Hierarchy~. You said you put the sign on both sides of the hierarchy name. If this is the way you have it, the default value should be: Hierarchy~. Just the hier name with the "~" sign.

                If I misunderstood, please correct me or post a screenshot with the property details.
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                  I still can't get it working correctly and haven't been able to post a screenshot in here. Would you be able to send me your e-mail address?

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