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    ATG-Endeca Integration

    Ravi Honakamble|

      I have created an Endeca Indexes by making use of an Dynamo admin (Invoking ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin component). I am also able to see the indexed data in Endeca reference application. Now I want to integrate with the Commerce reference store application, when I exploded the ear which is deployed on the JBOSS I saw couple of WAR's.
      1) store.war
      2) storedocroot.war
      3) assemblerSearchResultsSample.war etc..

      Now with my existing configurations, I am able to configure my Endeca with assemblerSearchResultsSample app but not getting how to configure it for CRS store application.

      I am assuming currently CRS is pointing to either ATG search or making Repository queries.

      Any help will be really appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Ravi Honakamble
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          Ravi Honakamble|

          I have tried the InvokeAssembler droplet it works fine but need more help on custom droplet to invoke the assembler through AssemblerPipelineServlet (I have made all the configuration to invoke AssemblerPipelineServlet)?

          Any Help on how to setup CRS workspace in Eclipse and create a new droplet in existing CRS application and deploy?

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            we have to enable the AssemblerPipelineServlet in store.war...

            Refer the assemblerSearchResultsSample.war web.xml...

            Create New Module which will use cartridges and copy to storefront war ...

            hope it helps..


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