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    Basic Firewall configuration

      Hello all,

      I've been using Solaris 11 Express to host a server, and no matter what I do with the firewall gui utility, it won't open the ports I want to open. It clearly retains changes I made as root, but still I get connection refusals from my clients. I noticed also when I used the firewall utility, it never seemed to accept my role password for root, it just kept asking over and over again without giving me an error. I eventually made it so I could log in as root and force changes, which is how I got it to retain the changes I wanted without getting stuck in the role/credential loop. However, like I mentioned before, it's like the changes I made aren't active somehow. I've also tried disabling the firewall entirely, which seems to make no difference. Are there any good Solaris 11 Express / Firewall configuration guides out there?