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    Login Error

      I have installed Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 on windows server 2003.
      After installing, Status of All Application server related components are started in services.msc.
      But when I logs on at application server control console its showing a log on screen.
      Username : ias_admin
      Password: defined during installation.
      After attempting 3 times,the webpage is showing 401 unauthorized.
      Plz help.
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          Incase you forgot the ias_admin password please follow this document to reset it:-http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B14099_19/core.1012/b13995/trouble_asc.htm#BCEDHFEI
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            hello,thanks for your support.Log in error problem solved.
            But another problem is that my application server 10g by default is taking the reference of local database.
            when I am running any form it is not taking my database username & password which is running on another machine.
            How can I connect my oracle application server 10g with oracle database 10g which is running on a separate machine?
            plz suggest .Thanks in advance.
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              Hi Sudeshna,

              Make the Database connection Entry in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora
              ORACLE HOME is the Business Intelligence Oracle Home on which forms and reports are working..

              1) Now Edit the parameter FORMS_PATH under default.env
              FORMS_PATH is the path where you have stored all your fmx and fmb's
              Location of Default.env =$ORACLE_HOME/forms/server

              2.Do below entry inside formsweb.cfg like :

              form= your_login_form.fmx (Your Application's Starting Login fmx)

              Now access your application as below

              http://ip address:7778/forms/frmservlet?config=xyz

              The below Oracle document will consist the same explanation in much detailed manner