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    A Question about Solaris Zones, ZFS, BEs

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to find out the following:
      o What happens if I "pkg update" a Host with currently detached Solaris Zones?
      1. a new BE is created
      2. running Zones do get a new BE as well,
      and their libbe:parentbe ZFS property will reference the new global BE -- all going to be fine
      3. I've seen pointers that configured (detached) Zones are updated as well,
      but who is updating their ZFS libbe:parentbe property? Will this be done by attach -u?
      4. Host reboot - updated Zones - everything will be fine
      5. Will I be able to attach the previously detached Zones?
      If not, how to go from here? Do I have to set libbe:parentbe manually?

      o What happens to the ZFS libbe:parentbe on Solaris10 Zones?
      Will it be set? Will it be ignored?

      o What exactly is "attach -u" doing?
      Does it update firefox? - likely
      Does it update Solaris key components (libs,etc)?
      Does it update ZFS libbe:parentbe? - unlikely, according to issues people are experiencing

      o Will it be possible to run an older pkg image in a zone?
      Not supported, ill-advised I know ....
      In a way Solaris10 Zones fit in here as well ...

      TIA oliver