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    Framebreak bind variable in signin.html

    Jeremy Leung
      Hello. Our team currently applied 8.50.26 version on our Peoplesoft CRM. I do not know if the patch update is connected to this issue.

      The current issue is that in our TEST environment, we are seeing the body{display:none;} "> text on top of the logo of the sign in page. Upon comparing the signin.html from both Production and Test environment we noticed no differences. However, upon comparing the sources of both sign on pages (Right-Click > View Source) we noticed this.

      This is present on both signin.html
      {code}<BODY onLoad="setErrorImg(); <%=framebreak%>">{code}

      This is the Prod copy
      {code}<BODY onLoad="setErrorImg(); if (top != self) top.location = location">{code}

      This is the Test copy
      {code}<BODY onLoad="setErrorImg(); <style id="ptfb" type="text/css">body{display:none;}</style>
      <script type="text/javascript">
      if (self === top) {
      var fb = document.getElementById("ptfb");
      } else {
      try {
      top.location = self.location;
      } catch(ex) {}
      Where can we set/find the value of the %=framebreak% as I may assume that the definitions of the variable in the environments are different. Thanks in advance.
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          John van der Kooij
          It could be that the applied version had a change in it. In my local 8.51 environment the framebreak is not located within the BODY statement, but almost at the top, like so:

          *<link rel="stylesheet" [...]*

          This results in the piece of code you posted, a style tag and a javascript function to break out of a frame. The body itself only has this:

          body onLoad="setErrorImg(); clearRecentSearch();"

          Wasn't it mistakenly edited by someone? Or can you compare against a Demo environment on the same version and patch level?
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            Did you get this fixed? If so how. We are having the same problem. We patched from 8.05.07 to 8.05.27 and redeployed the PIA and are now getting the body{display:none;}

            The date on the signin.html predates our installation so I know it has not been changed by us.