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How to disable return value as hyperlink?

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I have a method that return a class as return value, but that class does not have any published methods, so this class should not be published either.
I have the following javadoc comments added:

* Returns the sample class.
* @return the sample class
* @published
public MySampleClass getSampleClass()
     return sampleType.getSampleClass();

But in generated javadoc, MySampleClass is enabled as a hyperlink that user can click on, web browser cannot display the related page since
MySampleClass is not published. I am wondering how I can disable the hyperlink so it foes not give users false impression that this class is published?

Another weird thing is, the following class return value is not displayed as hyperlink even though I use similar javadoc comments, I cannot figure out
what is playing a role to enable/disable hyperlink here:
* Sample method.
* @param sample the sample
* @return class sample
* @throws MyException my exception
* @published
public ClassSample sampleMethod( final ClassSample sample )
throws MyException

return sample;



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