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    How to integrated Endeca with CRS.


      I just begin to study Endeca and I have troubles with integration ATG CRS with Endeca. When I try to start indexing by invoking ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin component /atg/endeca/index/commerce/EndecaScriptService failed by click partial index. When click baseline index a lot of components failed.
      Could somebody help me with integration.Can you describe step by step integration Endeca with CRS.Should I create application in workbench?
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          You can refer to the ATG-Endeca Integration guide which is available as part of ATG 10.1.1 documentation. Another document that can help you better understand this integration is the ProductCatalogDeploymentTemplate Guide which is available as part of Endeca 3.1 documentation.

          Both of these documents give a detailed step by step points that needs to be followed.

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            Ravi Honakamble|

            Use below documents


            Things to remember:
            Use below MySQL Username/Password to configure datasource

            Account Name     - Password     - DatabaseName

            prod               -     Welcome1     - production_core
            pub     - Welcome1     - publishing
            switchA     - Welcome1     - switchinga
            switchB     - Welcome1     - switchingb
            agent     - Welcome1     - agent
            dw     - Welcome1     - datawarehouse

            - Make sure you will pass all CIM steps. Sometime while creating Schema or Data for CRS application will not be uploaded.

            - Make sure that Record store instances are created before running Baseline update from Dynamo admin (Initialize services will take care of it)

            - If Endeca application created name is different than what you have mentioned during CIM process then make change in
            ATG_HOME\servers\atg_production_lockserver\localconfig\atg\endeca\index\DataDocumentSubmitter.properties with your Endeca application name

            - You can check Endeca Log for more details (Forge/FCM log)

            - Cross check on the data pushed in CAS
            recordstore-cmd read-baseline -a ATGen_en_data -n 50000 -f C:\Endeca\CAS\3.0.2\bin\data\prodcattesten_en_data.xml

            Do let me know if you are still not able to figure out the issue?

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              I read this documents.I configured my application by CIM like in [http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22630_01/CRS.1002/pdf/ATGCRSInstall.pdf] and add some configurations for Endeca like in ATG Endeca Integration Guide.Then I try to start indexing but indexing was failed.
              Should I create application in Endeca Workbench?

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                Ravi Honakamble|

                Could you please share more details in which step Indexing failed.

                ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin defines three phases:
                1. PreIndexing -- Runs /atg/endeca/index/commerce/CategoryTreeService.

                2. RepositoryExport -- Runs these components in parallel:
                - /atg/endeca/index/commerce/SchemaExporter
                - /atg/endeca/index/commerce/CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig
                - /atg/endeca/index/commerce/RepositoryTypeDimensionExporter
                - /atg/commerce/search/ProductCatalogOutputConfig

                3. EndecaIndexing -- Runs /atg/endeca/index/commerce/EndecaScriptService, which invokes Endeca indexing scripts.

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