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    Where did my post go?

      I posted a message yesterday, "Security Hole vs Configuration Issue??" and I no longer see it. The FAQ section says:

      I posted a message earlier, but now it is gone. What happened?
      Two things could have happened. The message was either moved to another forum because it was off topic, or deleted because it was
      inappropriate/contravened house rules - by a moderator. Reports of spam users or posts are also usually deleted once the offending posts or users have been dealt with.

      Can a moderator or someone get back to me why it has been moved/removed?

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          Welcome to the forums.

          There is, of course, a third possibility.

          The software running this forum occasionally gives evidence of having a bug or two ... my recommendation is that if you think this is the appropriate forum you repost your inquiry then go back 10 minutes later and verify it is still there.

          Feel free to also send the inquiry directly to me (after removing spaces) at damorgan12c @ gmail.com and I will take a look at it.