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    Keyword Redirects with Stemming

      Hi all,

      I am trying to accomplish something with the redirect rules that cannot be accomplished through the IAP workbench - we want the users to be able to do this themselves, without input from the development team. Here is the scenario:

      Two redirect rules:

      Keyword: garage
      URL: /garage.html

      Keyword: garages
      URL: /garageCare.html

      We have stemming enabled on a global scale and herein lies the problem. Before the redirect rule is applied when searching for "garages", the stemming is applied (thus producing "garage") and we are returned to the first URL, instead of the second. I have been able to accomplish the above successfully by navigating into the default_redirects.xml and changing the "ENABLE_STEMMING" parms for these two words from TRUE to FALSE. This works, however, we do not want to interfere with the users entering in redirects via IAP Workbench. We also have no way of knowing when a change is made through workbench, if our overriden values (ENABLE_STEMMING="FALSE") will be reverted. Is there something we can enable to allow the users to enable stemming on an individual keyword redirect basis, like we are able to do via editing the rule in workbench?


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          did try using Thesaurus do to that instead of Stemming ?
          exerpt from the Admin Dev Guide "Stemming equivalences are defined among single words. For example, stemming is used to produce
          an equivalence between the words automobile and automobiles (because the first word is the stem
          form of the second), but not to define an equivalence between the words vehicle and automobile (this
          type of concept-level mapping is done via the Thesaurus feature).
          Stemming equivalences are strictly two-way (that is, all-to-all). For example, if there is a stemming
          entry for the word truck, then searches for truck will always return matches for both the singular form
          (truck) and its plural form (trucks), and searches for trucks will also return matches for truck. In contrast,
          the Thesaurus feature supports one-way mappings in addition to two-way mappings."
          hope that helps
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            Michael Peel-Oracle
            I don't know of any way you can programmatically enable/disable stemming for keyword redirects - the latest version of Endeca replaces keyword redirects with cartridges in Experience Manager, so perhaps that includes enabling/disabling this (I don't know though), although it also includes URL pattern triggers which would definitely meet your requirement if not.

            That aside, assuming upgrading to 3.1 is out of the question, I think I'd just handle this in the redirect code, i.e. compare the customer search term with the redirect trigger term and only redirect if these match exactly. That way you can avoid worrying about thesaurus/stemming/spell-correction etc.