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      We are trying to set up / edit our existing Oracle Beehive 2.0 Server to test CardDav. I have searched the installation guides, and a few of the other guides. I only see CalDav and WebDav referenced. Is there such a thing as CardDav for Oracle Beehive? I am pretty sure there is, but I am confused as to why there are no documents referencing CardDav in any of Oracle's documentation.

      Where do we set CardDav up at?

      We had a url to try and test with Oracle Beehive 2.1 Server in the past. We are no longer using the 2.1 Server though. This is what we entered in to try and test this on the 2.1 server in the past.


      where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx was the ip address we were using
      where <idHere> was the correct id
      where <emailAddress> was the email address of the user

      When we entered that url into a browser for Oracle Beehive 2.1, we could see the CardDav information. This must have been set up previously, because we do not know much about this now. Where can I start on the Oracle Beehive 2.0 server to find out if we even have CardDav running? Is there any documetation that talks about CardDav? Is the above url correct for testing CardDav with an Oracle Beehive 2.0 server?

      Thanks in advance!
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          See [this post|https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=9983910] for details about that.
          We would very much like to see CardDAV implemented in an upcoming version of beehive 2.0.
          Please second our enhancement request through My Oracle Support.

          Regards, Tom