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    Backup - ASM vs regular cooked file system

      Use Oracle 11g on Linux.

      The disk system is ASM. For instance, the FRA is configured based on a ASM disk group +FRA (along withe multiplexed logs and control files).  This is one place for the backup and multiplexing.

      Now, I intend to place the multiplexed files also to a second location (disk). For this disk, I have two choices: 1) Use the ASM diskgroup 2) Use the regular datafile (/u01/oracle/oracdata/back).

      Good thing about the cooked file system ( I can think) is that I can see the location of the file by going to the file manager and locate the directory of the files, kind of transparent.

      For doing so, will it incur the opertion cost in the future? (As compared to the ASM diskgroup, though files somewhat hidden from the view, but Oracle will take care of "everything").

      So, any comment on the file system of the second disk? (Oracle ASM vs regular cooked file system).

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          Levi Pereira
          I suggest you continue using ASM and use the ACFS feature.

          From I don't use FRA on ASM only, I'm using FRA under ASM/ACFS mount point.

          Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS) is a multi-platform, scalable file system, and storage management technology that extends Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) functionality to support customer files maintained outside of Oracle Database. Oracle ACFS supports many database and application files, including executables, database trace files, database alert logs, application reports, BFILEs, and configuration files. Other supported files are video, audio, text, images, engineering drawings, and other general-purpose application file data.

          Starting with Oracle Automatic Storage Management 11g Release 2 (, Oracle ACFS supports RMAN backups (BACKUPSET file type), archive logs (ARCHIVELOG file type), and Data Pump dumpsets (DUMPSET file type).
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            not that it is supported, (it is not), I have even used this feature on backup to ASM/ACFS mount point, then use a tape manager to sweep the rman backups and archivelogs to tape.