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    Density UOM Question

      Need help with UOM in Formulation Specifications. For example: I have enter the UOM for Density as lb / gal in Material Specifications, but when I enter this spec in Formulation Specification, the Output is shown as g / ml for Density. Is there a way I can get the same UOM as entered in Material Specifications (lb/gal)?
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          Theoretical Density on the output popup is currently always calculated with the system base UOMs of g / ml.

          Here are few ways you can work around this issue:

          1. Manual Workaround: You can manually convert this value and provide an override on the output popup or on the material specification itself.
          2. Custom Data Workaround: You can create calculated extended attributes that reference the g/ml calculated value then display density in the UOMs you prefer.
          3. Technical Workaround: You can continue to push the g/ml values to the output specification and create an extension that converts g/ml to lb/gal when the output specification is saved. This will display the lb/gal value in the specification column on the output popup and guarantee that the output specification density attribute is saved with the correct value and UOMs.

          We hope to make density UOMs a user preference in a future release. Please submit an enhancement request so we can notify you when this feature is available.