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    PSoft HRMS 9.1 <> OPA 10.4 batch processor using db tables - any exp/tips ?

      Forum members - I am looking for anyone who has any experience in integrating PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS 9.1 with the OPA 10.4 batch processor using PeopleSoft dbase tables that can be easily accessed by AE/SQR programs. Due to very high throughput requirements with a large corporate client...using IB/WSDL/web service integration is out of the question.

      Also, this integration has to be very reliable (IB has a tendency to intermittently error out).

      Has anyone on this forum done this ? This client will be presenting high daily OPA determination processing...so batching it up on a recurrence of an AE program and writing input to a table...waiting for OPA 10.4 batch processing to trigger/complete...and then read the results back into the PSoft HRMS 9.1 app pages from an output table seems the way to go....

      I would appreciate talking to anyone who has gone this route. Thanks