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    Script Output cuts my querry

      Hello SQL Developers,

      I have a script that has some bigger output per querry (exactly it generates an XML)

      When I run this script (F5) it only outputs the first about 200 chars per querry, then it cuts and starts with the next querry
      For example:

      Xml Output
      <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

      Xml Output
      <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

      Starting every querry for its own (Ctrl+F5) shows in the result window the correct result of this single querry without cuting somethink of.

      I've tested it with the computer of a classmate. There it works fine without any cut in the Script Output window. Maybe that's because he didn't update
      SQL Developer for more then a year. Maybe it is a setting I didn't found yet. Please can somebody help me?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi WillardBL,

          Quite a few years ago there was a bug involving slow performance and/or Java OutOfMemoryException when displaying MySQL BLOBs, probably due to some issue with the MySQL JDBC driver. The bug was addressed back in SQL Developer and is...

          At that time, a 4000 character display column size limit was added to circumvent the problem. It still remains and has not received much attention -- perhaps since VARCHAR2 is also limited to 4000, at least through the Oracle 11g releases.

          In your specific case, you are not reaching the 4000 character limit. You can try the following in the worksheet:
          show long
          which should show a default value of 80 if you never overrode it in your connection login script (Tools | Preferences | Database). So just
          set long 4000
          and try running the script that outputs the XML again. Keep in mind that set long
          Sets maximum width (in bytes) for displaying LONG, CLOB, NCLOB and XMLType values; and for copying LONG values.
          Possibly Bug 5904607 needs revisiting, but I hope the approach described will be sufficient to get you past the current problem.

          SQL Developer Team
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            Gary Graham-Oracle
            And the limit apparently applies to export also:
            Re: SQL Developer 3 - Export truncates XMLType data
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              Hi Gary,

              your solution works fine.
              Thank you very much.

              Satisfied Customer