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      Now that Oracle owns Taleo, I think there's four things Oracle needs to do:

      1: fire everyone who ever developed the software for their site
      2: throw away any and all code connected with their service
      3: hire someone with some modicum of competence to design a new site
      4: build an entirely NEW site/service, with competent employees, and re-write ALL NEW code for the site. Don't use ANY of the old code. Certainly don't let anyone who worked on the current site ever touch anything again.
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          Everytime I use a Taleo-hosted site, I'm amazed Oracle wasted their money buying them. It **CERTAINLY** wasn't for the purpose of hiring anyone COMPETENT, because it's certain there is NO such thing at that company.

          I think I should change my assessment of what Oracle should do with Taleo; they should fire EVERYONE who worked at the company, because it's certain the management (if you could call them that) and executives in the company must have had some hand in the failed direction of Taleo's "development", and should be made to suffer the consequences even more than anyone who developed it (although the site and software designers are still likely to blame).