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    Oracle EBS sql*plus concurrent program


      I have created some sql*plus concurrent programs. When I run the query in sql*plus or sql developer the results are as expected but when run as a concurrent program I am getting additional rows in the output. This seems to only occur when there are calls to API's such as ARPT_SQL_FUNC_UTIL.

      I am not sure where the extra results are coming from since I can't get them in a query but for a small number of cases I am getting unwanted records. I would really like to just have it return the same results as when run outside the context of the concurrent program. Is there any settings I can put in for this? The api's used in the query (function calls) were used since they are taken from standard Oracle views. I would prefer to leave them in as we know they are giving us the correct results and digging into each one to see what it is doing and replacing it with a sub query would take a lot of time.

      I could possibly just change this into a PL/SQL package with utl_file but I would prefer not to go to that effort unless absolutely.

      Any help on this would be much appreciated.