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    APEX in the Cloud

      Has APEX come out on the Oracle Cloud. If yes, how do you subscribe to it? The database option?
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          Yes, the database option is what you need to run apex applications. If you look at https://cloud.oracle.com, there is a place to sign up for a free 30 day trial but I haven't done it yet so I don't know if they are fulfilling these requests yet.
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            Great! Going to try it now and see what I get.

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              Some weird stuff going on with the cloud site today. Will wait until tomorrow and try to sign up again. Looks like some updates. Hoping to have APEX available soon.
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                What is weird? Can you elaborate to help us look into this?
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                  I am trying to sign up for a free trial of the database and when I enter my card number I get invalid card. I have tried several times with two different credit card and I get the same error message.

                  Is this a known issue?

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                    It appears that the problem with logging in is based on an assumption that my userid is an email address. I recreated an Oracle account using an email address and was able to request a cloud account.

                    I have been waiting for four days for an activation. Is the wait normal or could there be something wrong?
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                      I am still waiting for Oracle Cloud account to be activated. Does anyone have any idea on how long the wait for this is ?
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                        Double A
                        Did you get your account activated? I requested for a 30-day trial today and was hoping to see an email immediately with activation details! Can anyone share their experience on how long this would take?
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                          Oracle Application Express (APEX) is distributed with all editions of the Oracle database since 2004 and database 10g. APEX is a no cost feature of the Oracle database. The easiest way to download apex is to visit http://apex.oracle.com and click download. This will link you to our Oracle Technology Network (OTN) download site. You can use APEX on our no cost Oracle XE database as well as our most expensive Oracle Enterprise Edition.

                          Hope this helps