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    ORA-20001 Only one pending Concurrent Request is allowed for ARHDQMSS at an

    Kabeer Khan
      Hi there
      I am getting following error while placing the contingent worker from PO notification. Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

      Error Description
      ORA-20001 Only one pending Concurrent Request is allowed for ARHDQMSS at any given time.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Go to iProcurement and create a new Contingent Worker Request using 'Rate Based Temp Labor' line type
      2. Add lines and approve PR
      3. Go to Buyers Work Centre and use the above PR to create a PO.
      4. Approve PO
      5. Now go to Manager Self Service Responsibility -> Contingent Worker Placement
      6. In the first form add First Name and Last Name and hit Continue button. Then in the second form add Gender, Address Line1, City, Zip Code.
      7. Hit continue button. The error appears and it does not allow to proceed.

      Investigation Done
      1. Found a similar issue reported in MOS note ID 1448160.1 and ID 762547.1
      2. I followed solution in note ID 1448160.1 but the error still comes.
      3. Note ID 762547.1 gives solution that I shd upgrade to R12.PER.A.DELTA.7. This is already there since I recently upgraded HRMS to latest rollup patch p13418800_R12.HR_PF.B_R12_LINUX.zip

      Vision Demo Environment
      R12.1.3+ with following recent changes
      - patch p12991151_R12.FND.B_R12_GENERIC.zip
      - patch p13418800_R12.HR_PF.B_R12_LINUX.zip
      - patch p14098047_R12.OIE.B_R12_GENERIC.zip
      - patch p14254641_R12.PRC_PF.B_R12_LINUX.zip

      I have also tried by setting the profile 'HZ: Ignore Concurrent Request Limits for DQM Synchronization' to 'Yes', hoping that it will run the DQM Serial Sync Index Program irrespective of the other concurrent programs. But the reported error still comes.