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    lh import issue


      During deployment, we are importing the custom XML objects into waveset repository through the 'lh import' utility. It was working fine for the past few years.

      Recently we are seeing a weird behavior that it is taking too long to import the files. Particularly it is stuck for a while in importing a single file and when that gets imported it is importing the other files quickly. When it is stuck up in importing a file, if I query the 'object' table, I could see in the lockInfo that the object is locked by Configurator and it is taking too much time to release it.

      Please share if you have any ideas.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Any thoughts on the above issue? I feel it is due to the waveset repository. It contains more than 2 lakhs of user objects. Can we do anything to tune the waveset repository. 'syslog', 'log' and their 'attr' tables are cleared already. The repository is in Oracle DB.
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            Are you sure you are not caught in a GC run?
            if you are loading a lot of info you might trigger a Full GC and then it might halt you while it is doing it...

            is it the same object that freezes every time or different ones?

            starting lh with larger memory might alleviate the probrem.

            Also, is DB (repository) doing everything in time?

            You don't mention platform, but if on sun solaris you might be able to check threads out to see what its doing and what hangs and not...
            in our was platform we realized that thread #5 and #6 always runs the GC, so it's easy to spot if they are the culprit.