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    Error while performing 'Component Pick Release' in WIP

      I am trying to perform 'Component Pick Release' for a discrete flow but getting following two errors in subsequent windows:

      User-Defined Exception in Package INV_Quantity_Tree_PVT Procedure New_Tree_Node
      ORA-01403: no data found in Package INV_Quantity_Tree_PVT Procedure Check_Is_Reservable_SUB

      Following setups have been cross-checked and verified:

      • Supply type for the child components (1000000218, 1000000222) is defined as assembly-pull.
      • ‘Release Backflush Component’ is enabled
      • Source SubInventory (Assembly) is defined as reservable.
      • Supply SubInventory (WIP) is defined as non-reservable.
      • In the picking rule ‘Applicable to’ restriction field is set to ‘Work in Process’.

      Request your comments/suggestions on the same.

      Oracle App version: 12.1.3