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    FDM: Srcvw3.dll file missing under Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\bin directory

    Sher Ullah Baig
      when i try to open script in Script Editor in FDM workbench I am getting error "339 - Component 'Srcvw3.dll' or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing of invalid. "
      So i was trying to copy "Srcvw3.dll and srcvw3.lic files from the \Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\bin directory to ..\middleware\epmsystem11r1\products\financialdataquality\shareedcomponents" directory

      Srcvw3.dll and srcvw3.lic file does not exists under ..\EPMSystem11R1\bin Directory structure even i searched whole computer i didn't got these two files.
      Can u tell me from where i can download these two files???
      Need your Help plz.....

      FDM version