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    Shipping an application with a JVM. Legal implications


      I hope this is the right forum. In the company where I work at the moment we would like to ship our application together with a JVM, in order to make installation and starting as idiot proof as possible. Technically it shouldn't be big problem: just use the JVM dynamic libraries. However, there are a lot of concerns for the possible legal implications. Even the JRE readme (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/jre-7-readme-430162.html), which clearly says what files can be redistributed, is not enough. I guess the problem in this case is the reference to the Oracle Binary Code License, which might imply the understanding of some documents written in "legalese".
      Now, I'm looking for some more solid evidence that show that it is actually possible to embed the JVM in an application without incurring in legal retaliation. Anything like previous experiences, other companies that do something similar (strangely I can't think of any), could probably be interesting.