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    Reading and Updating XML using Java

      Hi all,

      My xml is in following format please give me any idea how to read and update this xml line by line.

      -<Setting Type="htf:map" Name="OtherPartners">
      <Setting Type="htf:map" Name="Global"> </Setting>
      -<Setting Type="htf:map" Name="Instance">
      -<Setting Type="htf:map" Name="OIFDAPPartner">
      <Setting Type="xsd:string" Name="LogoutUrl">http://oif-host:oif-port/fed/user/spsloosso?doneURL=http://oam-host:oam-port/oam/pages/logout.jsp</Setting>
      <Setting Type="xsd:string" Name="PartnerCurKeyGenTime">43534534</Setting>
      <Setting Type="xsd:string" Name="PartnerCurrentKey">ae68d619d9d79897</Setting>
      <Setting Type="xsd:string" Name="PartnerOldKey">ae68d619d9d79897</Setting>
      <Setting Type="xsd:string" Name="RollOverInterval">500</Setting>
      <Setting Type="xsd:string" Name="id">OIFDAPPartner</Setting>
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          More information would be nice. Update how? Give an example of what is the source and what you want to change it too.

          Also: please use \