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    Manually Overriding dependencies

      Hi I am getting my head around OER.

      I have now managed to install OER and have been harvesting certain assets from SOA Suite/Jdeveloper and OSB.

      However I want to find out once you have registered certain assets, is its feasible to manually link to assets or override existing dependencies?

      The reason I am asking this is if I was to register certain assets from the OER admin console and add some metadata to it for cataloguing certain services.

      Then when it comes to implementation and the developer wants to implement them using SOA SCA for instance.

      On harvesting these back to OER it does not link the original Asset to this actual implementation and the harvested composites wont have the associated documentation we added to the original registered asset on cataloguing in OER.

      I think one solution could be adding annotations to the code but I dont want to be redoing all of this as its already been done once.

      Can something throw some light on this? Or am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?

      Any help would be highly appreciated.

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          After you have harvested assets, it is not feasible to modify the system-supplied relationships. It is, however, possible to add relationships manually.

          One strategy is to publish the service candidate (or whatever type you are working with), and document it there for development. After the implementation is harvested, the harvested service would need to be attached manually to the original service candidate.

          I don't believe that adding annotations to the code will help with your use case, however upon harvesting a WSDL, OER should be picking up the WSDL description in the annotation and populating the service description in OER.
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            Thanks Cathy, I will give this a go and keep you posted on how I get on...

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