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    How to avoid shipping details for ATO configurator item in istore.

    L S P..
      Hi all,

      I am working in istore implementation process in R12. I got some Issues while using using Configurator ATO model item in istore. If we disable the"Shippable" flag for single item means, it was "NON-Shippable" item, And we never get any shipping information in istore.

      This process is working fine in istore , for using single items.
      But the same process is not working for configurable model in istore.

      For this process i disabled all configurator model sub-items "shippable" flag, And all are non_shippable

      But when i configure ATO model in istore i got all shipping details. (Like shipping page, shipping address, etc).

      Could you please help me on this, how to avoid shipping details for configurator item in istore.

      Please help..
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          Hello Prab,

          This is the expected behavior for Release 12. If an ATO/PTO model is added to the cart the shipping page is displayed -

          Oracle® iStore Implementation and Administration Guide Release 12.1 (Part No. E13575-02)
          Chapter 12 Implementing Carts and Orders
          Page 12-44
          If the shopping cart contains only non-shippable items, the shipping page is skipped.
          The shipping information might be defaulted through defaulting rules, so the shipping information will still be displayed in the order review page.
          If at least one item is shippable, or one ATO/PTO model is added to the cart, then the shipping page will be displayed.

          Possible solution is to customize ibeCCkdBHdrShip.jsp file to hide all of the shipping information.

          Thank you,
          Deborah Bourgeois
          Oracle Customer Support
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