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    Moving Models

      All the other DM tools I've used store everything in one big file (the market leaders Erwin and ER/Studio do it this way). Since I find I often need to move files around, copy them, and share models with others, it's handy. With SDDM, it has all those files and subfolders! It's hard to move, and very easy to mess up and leave a file or folder behind. Even to zip it up and move it is difficult, since you have to pick the one header file from the parent directory (where I have a lot of model header files), and then one specific subfolder tree out of several.

      (1) does anyone have an easy method of moving models without losing parts (usually the header file gets lost since it's one level up, and usually there are several model headers in the same directory).

      (2) How do we make a suggestion that they change to a single file for the model?

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