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    AD Connector issue

      Hello All,

      We are using oracle waveset (Sun idm 8.1.1 patch3). Here we have migrated AD adapter to AD Connector. We are using Resource after action script.
      While creating contractors we were getting script failed to exit in time error. So Oracle people suggested to apply patch 7 on existing Sun IDM version 8.1.1 patch3.
      So recently we have applied patch 7 and uninstalled AD Connector of patch3 and again installed AD Connector of patch 7. While installing AD Connector we set new key in connector config file. So now while creating contractors I am getting the following exception.
      "Failure occurred executing ResourceAction 'ResourceAction-AD-aftercreate' for resource 'AD - ENTDEV'., The given key was not present in the dictionary"
      Can any body come across this error. Please help.
      Thanks in advance.