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    Essbase cube as a source for metadata?

      Hi All,

      This is more a conceptual question than a technical one. I have an Essbase cube in production and now a business area requires to have a Planning application with (for the most part) the same metadata (outline) that already exists in this cube. I don't have access to the source of the metadata of the Essbase cube, as the business area wants to remain independent.

      So question:

      Is it possible to have an already established Essbase cube as a source of metadata for Planning using FDM? Or a combination of FDM/BPMA?
      Outline Extractor is not an option. As this would mean set manual processes which we are trying to avoid.

      Thanks for the insights!

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          FDM is a data load not a metadata management tool. If you are using EPMA to manage metadata for the other Essabse cube then it would be a straightforward to take the Dimensions you need from your Shared Dimension Library and deploy these to your new Planning application. Not sure I understand your point re. Outline Load Utility requiring a manual element. It can be run from the command line which means that a simple batch script can be setup to co-ordinate all the necessary steps for your metadata management process if desired, this can then be scheduled thus removing the requirement for manual intervention. That said, if your applications are both managed via EPMA then I would use that as the first port of call for your metadata anagement process.